Your Fresh Produce Supplier


Rami Fresh AB is private Swedish company active in the import and export of fruits & vegetables.
We deliver to importers, exporters, wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers and are a specialized supplier from Egypt.

One of our strengths’ is to manage the end to end supply chain flow if the specific raw material directly to the customer including storage and transfer.
We offer an assortment of fruit and vegetables from the best farms in Egypt.

Rami Fresh AB is a specialist in the supply from Egypt of fruit and vegetables segment.

Our products are sourced from the best farms. Our assortment has increased to almost 15 different types of fruit and vegetables.

These all mainly find their way to various different supermarket chains, speciality stores and wholesale markets in Europe: from Scandinavia to Spain. Rami Fresh stands for customised goods: whether a customer needs three full trucks or three boxes, customer specific orders are standard.